synopsis: INT scan(OBJECTKIND typ, OP result)


reads an object of the specified kind into the object result. The result is freed first to an empty object. You can read the following kinds BRUCH CYCLOTOMIC FASTPOLYNOM GEN_CHAR GRAL HOM_SYM INTEGER INTEGERVECTOR KOSTKA KRANZ KRANZTYPUS LIST LONGINT MATRIX MONOM MONOPOLY PARTITION PERMUTATION POLYNOM SCHUBERT SCHUR SKEWPARTITION SQ_RADICAL SYMCHAR TABLEAUX VECTOR WORD The kind INTEGERVECTOR is a special kind only provided as a type for input. The output during scanning is written using the routine printeingabe, so it prints to stderr, you may redirect it (only on systems where it is possible).


OK if no error a value different from OK else.


there is much output during scanning of an object.

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