Inside Symmetrica there are many routines, which are working with the symmetric groups, so it is clear that permutations are fundamental data type.

there are several methods of implementation. Like in the general case there is a tag on the PERMUTATION object, which allows to recognize the special typ of permutation.

a incomplete collection of routines, which work with PERMUTATION objects.

redball copy
redball Rothe diagramm [try]
redball invers [try]
redball lehmercode [try]
redball m_part_perm = to generate a permutation of given cycle type. [try]
redball mult [try]
redball next [try]
redball objectread/ objectwrite = I/O in a file
redball print/println/fprint/fprintln
redball random_permutation [try]
redball rank_permutation [try]
redball rz = reduced decomposition [try]
redball scan = input of a PERMUTATION object
redball tex = TeX output [try]
redball zykeltyp [try]
redball ...

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