Construction of (n,r)-Arcs in PG(2,q)
Michael Braun ; Axel Kohnert ; Alfred Wassermann ;

Innovations in Incidence Geometry, ISBN/ISSN/ISMV Nummer:17816475
in: Innovations in Incidence Geometry, Jg.:2005, Bd.:1, S.: 133  - 141 Doi-Nummer:

  We construct new (n,r)-arcs in PG(2,q) by prescribing a group of automorphisms and solving the resulting Diophantine linear system with lattice point enumeration. We can improve the known lower bounds for q=11,13,16,17,19 and give the first example of a double blocking set of size n in PG(2,p) with n<3p and p prime.

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