synopsis: INT m_function_reihe(INT (*f)(); OP a);


you enter a function f, which computes an coefficent of the series, which is specified by an paramter of the function. The result is a object a of type REIHE. The syntax of the function f is described now in detail: INT f(OP a,b) a is a INTEGER object which gives the common degree of the coefficents, which should be computed. The result b must be of the type POLYNOM object. This POLYNOM object is homogenous of the entered degree.


 the following routine computes the series

 sum over all partitions, entered in exponent notation

#include "def.h"
#include "macro.h"

 INT co_part(a,b) OP a,b;
 if (S_I_I(a) == 0L)
 OP c = callocobject();
 OP d;
 INT i;

 for (i=0;i

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