INTEGER objects are cornerstones of all computer algebra systems. So in Symmetrica. In Symmetrica INTEGER objects are able to store 4 byte integer numbers. If the numbers become to big /small they are automatically transformed into LONGINT objects.

a (not) complete list of routines to work with INTEGER objects. Please click on the LOOK-buttons to try an online-example of the routines.

redball add [try]
redball add_apply [try]
redball copy [try]
redball dec [try]
redball div
redball ggt [try]
redball hoch
redball inc [try]
redball invers [try]
redball mod
redball mult [try]
redball objectread/ objectwrite I/O into a file
redball print/println/fprint/fprintln
redball quores
redball random_integer
redball scan input of a INTEGER object from stdin
redball tex output in TeX format [try]
redball ...
redball ...
redball ...

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