SYMMETRICA 2.0 installation on a UNIX system

To download the Symmetrica 2.0 program onto your UNIX system, click on
fetch it.
You should store the file in a new directory, where it will have the name SYM2_0_tar. Now you should do the following:
  • if the WWW browser didn't unpack the file, i.e. you have the file SYM2_0_tar.gz and not the file SYM2_0_tar you will need to unpack Symmetrica 2.0 using the UNIX command
    gzip -d SYM2_0_tar
    If you already have got the file SYM2_0_tar you can skip this first step.
  • fetch the files from the Symmetrica 2.0 archive with the UNIX command
    tar xvf SYM2_0_tar
  • compile the first example program (i.e.in the file test.c) using the Symmetrica 2.0 library with the UNIX command make
Now you should have an executable Symmetrica 2.0 program with the name ./test.

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