synopsis: INT square_free_part(OP a,OP b,OP c,OP la,OP lb,OP lc)


This routine find the square-free part of the integer a, i.e. the product of the prime factors which occur to an odd exponent and -1, if the integer is negative. a may be either an INTEGER, LONGINT or a MONOPOLY containing the prime factorization of an integer. b and c return the the square-free part the square-root of the square part, respectively. Thus, a = b * c ** 2, and b has no repeated prime factors. If a is not a MONOPOLY and la is not NULL, la returns a MONOPOLY containing the prime factorization of a. If they are not NULL, lb and lc return MONOPOLYs containing the prime factorizations of b and c. The parameters a,b,c must be distinct. If la,lb,lc are not NULL they must be distinct also. This routine makes use of the ancillary routine square_free_part_0.



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