synopsis: INT filter_list(OP oldlist, OP newlist; INT (*cf)())


the routine loops over the LIST object oldlist, and for every self part of the list it calls the function cf, whose single parameter is the self part. If this user provided functions return TRUE the self part becomes a member of the newly build LIST object newlist. If their is no part in the new list the result is a empty object


 INT co_22(a) OP a;
 if (S_T_IJI(a,(INT)0,(INT)1) == (INT)2) return TRUE;
 return FALSE;
 scan(PARTITION,a); scan(PARTITION,b);
 kostka_tab(a,b,c); filter_list(c,d,co_22);

 So you have a routine which does the check on the
 list elements, so the reult is a list of TABLEAUX objects
 where the entry 2 is on the first row.

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