Sets of Type (d1,d2) in projective Hjelmslev planes over Galois Rings
Axel Kohnert ;

Springer, in: Doi-Nummer:

In this paper we construct sets of type (d1, d2) in the projective Hjelmslev plane. For computational purposes we restrict ourself to planes over Zps with p a prime and s > 1, but the method is described over general Galois rings. The existence of sets of type (d1, d2) is equivalent to the existence of a solution of a Diophantine system of linear equations. To construct these sets we prescribe automorphisms, which allows to reduce the Diophantine system to a feasible size. At least two of the newly constructed sets are ’good’ u−arcs. The size of one of them is close to the known upper bound.

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