Inside Symmetrica there are many routines working with the symmetric group. As partitions are labeling conjugacy classes and representations of the symmetric group they are a fundamental object.

There are different implementations of PARTITION objects. This method is simliar to the general method in the case of Symmetrica objects. Also in the case of PARTITION objects we use a tag to distinguish the different implementations.

A (not) complete listing of routines working with PARTITION objects

redball all partitions [try]
redball conjugate [try]
redball copy
redball ferrers printing the ferrers diagram [try]
redball first [try]
redball last [try]
redball next looping over all partitions of given weight [try]
redball numberofpart [try]
redball objectread/ objectwrite I/O into a file
redball print/println/fprint/fprintln
redball random_partition [try]
redball scan input of a PARTITION object
redball tex output in TeX format [try]
redball weight [try]
redball ...
redball ...
redball ...

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