synopsis: INT reduce_symchar(OP sym, erg)


you enter a SYMCHAR object sym and in erg you get the decomposition into irreducible characters, this is a SCHUR object. If erg is not an empty object it is freed first.


 The following program asks first for the degree of the
 symmetric group, than for the max and min value of the character
 values of the symmetric group character. These values are
 initialised with random value inside the given limits.
 The character is decomposed into irreducible characters.

#include "def.h"
#include "macro.h"
 OP a,b,c,d,e;
 INT i;
 a=callocobject(); b=callocobject();
 c=callocobject(); d=callocobject(); e=callocobject();

 printeingabe("degree of S_n"); scan(INTEGER,a);
 printeingabe("min value of character"); scan(INTEGER,c);
 printeingabe("max value of character"); scan(INTEGER,d);
 m_d_sc(a,b); println(b);
 for (i=0L;i

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